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:iconglsymbol-plz:Book of Oa: Proclamations of the Guardians of the Universe: Passage 16:iconglsymbol-plz:

You all know, I suppose. GL:TAS is being cancelled. So many things left undone. The Indigo Tribe, the Black Lanterns, Scar's future plans, Ganthet and Sayd's relationship, Aya's death, Razor becoming a blue lantern. So much potential, all to go to waste.

I confess myself immensely disappointed in this regard. It was a good show, and along with Young Justice, two shows that will no longer grace the television screens of DC lovers everywhere.
Also I'm going to miss Appa, the foul-tempered, loveable bastard
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Group Info

We are a Green Lantern themed club devoted to all things Green Lantern, including parodies, cross-overs, the other Corps such as the Blue, Black, Sinestro, Star Sapphire, Green Lantern DC friends, &c.

In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night,
No evil shall escape our sight!
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware our power -- Green Lantern's Light!
Founded 8 Years ago
Apr 16, 2009


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Fan Club

1,750 Members
1,769 Watchers
111,962 Pageviews
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The Guardians of the Universe






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:iconglsymbol-plz:Book of Oa: Laws and Restrictions:iconglsymbol-plz:

Section 3: Laws and Restrictions relating directly to the operations of the Corps
- - Subsection Alpha: Laws regulating officers of the Corps.

By the decree of the Guardians of the Universe, the Corps. hereby recognises the following laws and restrictions, and adheres unquestioningly to the will of the Guardian Council and their appointed Clarissi

:bulletgreen:Law One

Only officers of the Corps. (members) may submit work towards the Hall of Great Service's records (deviations to folder).

- - None-officers may request that the Guardians or Clarissi submit work to the Hall.

:bulletgreen:Law Two

In light of the lifting of the Moratorium on Lantern Power Rings, membership to the Corps. is permitted upon application for worthy ring bearers (Membership is open)

- - Sentients may also observe or patron the Corps. (devwatch)

- - Clarissi positions have been filled, the Guardian Council is not looking for any additional positions at this time (No more admin positions)

:bulletgreen:Law Three

(Officially repealed. The Featured folder is no longer open to submissions)

Works by Lanterns in the Featured area of the Hall of Great Service may not exceed 30, and only 2 works from every lantern may be placed in this area. All other works must be allocated to their respective areas.

- - Works may, and are encouraged to be placed directly into their appropriate folders. This will not affect their being seen by other people.

- - The Guardian Council and appointed Clarissi may alter the featured area at their discretion as long as these alterations fall within the parametres of the Law.

- - All works now must be placed into the appropriate folders. if they are submitted to the wrong folder they will be denied. You may resubmit it to the correct folder if you discover your previous submission attempt to be a mistake.

:bulletgreen:Law Four

Alterations to laws within the Book of Oa may be affected by the Guardian Council at their discretion.

- - The Clarissi(admins) have no power to alter the Law, but may apply to the Guardian Council

- - Lanterns (members) may also apply to the Guardian Council for additions or changes to present laws to be considered by the Guardians.

- - None-officers may not apply to the Guardian Council for alterations to the Book of Oa. none-officers should direct queries on this matter with either the Guardians or the Clarissi.

:bulletgreen: Law Five

Exceptions to Laws within the Book of Oa may be made at the will of the Guardians under certain circumstances. These circumstances include but are not limited to

- The incapacitation of the Guardian Council
- The incapacitation of one or more of the Clarissi
- Special events
- Unforeseen circumstances that leave exceptions as the only possible solution, as dictated by the Guardian Council and/or the Clarissi

:bulletgreen:Law Six

Lanterns who do not abide by the Laws of the Corps. and the will of the Guardians may be expelled from the Corps. following investigation and consideration by the Guardians.

- - The Clarissi also have this authority, to be used at the Guardian's behest.

- - Officers do not have this authority, but may offer complaints to the Clarissi or the Guardian Council.

:bulletgreen: Law Seven

All regulations and laws relating to what may or may not be submitted to specific folders may be found in the descriptions found in said folders.

:bulletgreen: Law Eight

Messages and notices posted to the front page (as seen below) are limited in the following ways

- No advertisements for other organisations (no adverts for other groups)

-- Contests and similar events may be advertised once, and only once. No repeats, reminders, updates, only one message.

- No unrelated messages such as links to videos telling us how pitiful the state of the planet Earth is.

- No arguments are to be conducted on the front page

- No spam permitted. Sciencell lantern guards are authorised to use lethal force against offenders.


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